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Excavator Mechanical Grapple

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The Evans & Reid Mechanical Grapple is mounted to the dipper end & bucket link with standard
hangers. This means it can be used in conjunction with a quick hitch.

The upper, moveable jaw pivots on the dipper end. It is ‘opened & closed’ by the bucket link in
exactly the same way that a bucket is operated.

The lower, fixed jaw is connected by thrust bar to 3 position bracket welded on the underside of
the dipper arm. We supply the thrust bar, 3 position bracket & pivot pins with every grapple.

All grapples are supplied with a thrust bar, mounting pins and weld on 3 point pivot plate to
enable the grapple to be mounted to the excavator.

Grapples are manufactured with standard hangers, so they mount to both the dipper end &
bucket link. This also means the grapple can be used on a quick hitch.

We can also manufacture grapples to suit dedicated quick hitch systems.


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