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V Bucket
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Riddle Buckets

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Type 1: Bars or ribs around bucket.
Useful to landscapers for bank clearing and soil/stone segregation.
Rear of bucket can be used for surface finishing.
On larger machines this style is used to provide extra strength
especially where bucket is required to dig material.

Type 2: Bars across bucket

A highly productive re – handling riddle bucket when sorting brick,
concrete, stone or other debris prior to crushing or for re cycling.
Less clogging likely as stones roll over bars in the “shaking” action

Type 3: Grid Bucket
Hard material sizing with this robust grid , Grid size to your specification

Type 4: Bucket with removable cutting edge.
The cutting edge can be removed to transform the bucket into a rake to
allow stones removal surface tilling, and finishing.

Type 5: Any bucket that you have an idea for, Give us a ring and turn your ideas into reality.
Al buckets are manufactured to the usual high Evans & Reid standard and have high capacity
shells and teeth.


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